Doug Markewich


VP Family Wealth

Doug’s two focus areas have been sophisticated corporate life insurance solutions, and Family Coaching. It only makes sense that when life insurance enhances a family’s net wealth that the adult children who will inherit this wealth are correctly brought into the discussion in a comprehensive estate plan.

For over 33 years, Doug Markewich has advised Canadian business families on corporate life insurance, tax and estate planning strategies. Doug works with the Private Wealth Managers to explore new tax driven insurance and estate planning solutions.

Doug is a graduate of The Heritage Institute, an authority in the preservation of family wealth for multiple generations. Doug was Canada’s first Heritage Design Professional (HDP)™ and he demonstrates this new training through a very unique conversation style focused on you.

As Vice President, Family Wealth, Doug’s role is helping you focus and pass on the values that built your wealth, before discussing the money. He asks intriguing questions and takes the time to understand your responses.

Doug’s proudest achievement is his own 34 year marriage to Carol, and their 29 years of parenting four close and loving children and enjoying their first granddaughter.

Direct Line: (204) 944-2467


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