Our Approach

Driven by values. Committed to service. Inspired by you.

We are proactive, innovative, comprehensive, and deeply committed to seeing each client as an individual with unique needs and opportunities. We customize because we care.

We design customized approaches based on your needs and aspirations. We design solutions that are right for you, and we alter them as your life circumstances change.

The Four Ds

Diversification, discipline, detachment, dedication.

The Four Ds form the basis of Quadrant Private Wealth’s portfolio management philosophy. It is more than a convenient shorthand; it reflects the very essence of our character, our purpose, and our commitment.


We never put all of our eggs in one investment basket. Appropriate diversification of your assets helps you manage risk while moving toward your goals.


We are committed to paying ongoing and focused attention to your portfolio to ensure it still aligns with your goals.


We act on evidence and market performance, consistent with your personalized Investment Policy Statement. As a Portfolio Manager, it is our fiduciary duty to act in your best interests. We do not act based on bias or emotion.


This is where you come in. We look to our clients to remain committed to their long-term objectives and dedicated to the long-term plan.


Our Values

We aim to earn your long-term trust.

We are in the business of building long-term relationships, and so we are in the business of earning your long-term trust. We are driven by the following values:


Everything we do on your behalf is expressed and explained. We aim to correspond with clarity; and we explain our fees in detail.

Your best interests

Acting in your best interests is our legal obligation. But we also see it as our moral duty and our privilege.


We are committed to maintaining regular, open, meaningful contact with you and to providing the highest possible levels of client service. The success of your plan hinges on effective communications.


We deal with our clients, partners, and employees in a principled and respectful way. Being honest and true to our values matters to us.

Giving back

We believe that philanthropy and volunteerism empower communities to thrive. We are philanthropic as a company and as individuals, and through the GiftPact Foundation, we make it easy for our clients to be philanthropic, too.


Contact and clarity.

You will receive quarterly reports from Quadrant Private Wealth and regular reports from the independent custodian of your assets. More frequent reporting from Quadrant Private Wealth is available upon request.

Our reports are easy to understand and show the performance of your assets over time.

We also provide tax reporting to help your tax professional prepare your returns.

We know that you always want to know how you are doing. Our reports answer that question.


The value you deserve.

Quadrant Private Wealth’s fees are transparent, fair, and focused on delivering maximum value for our clients.
It is a priority for us to disclose and explain all fees.

Our fees are broken down into two parts: direct and indirect.

Direct fees (shown in the table below) are the fees charged by Quadrant Private Wealth for the services we provide, including custody of your assets and paying external managers.

Indirect fees are the administrative fees charged by the underlying pools in which we invest, ranging from 5 to 15 basis points depending on the nature of your investment.

For example, if you have assets of under $1 million with 60% in equities and 40% invested in fixed income, your fees would be 1.95% (direct fees) plus 13 basis points in indirect fees for a total of 2.08%.

If you are comparing Quadrant Private Wealth’s fees with those of other firms, be sure to ask for all fees (direct and indirect) to make a proper comparison. Quadrant fees include value-added comprehensive wealth planning services at no additional cost.

Direct Fees

Assets FromToFee
Up to$1, 000, 0001.95%
$1, 000, 001$3, 000, 0001.55%
$3, 000, 001$5, 000, 0001.30%
$5, 000, 001$7, 000, 0001.00%
$7, 000, 001$10, 000, 000 0.75%
$10, 000, 000 And UpNegotiable based upon services
Murray talking at a table

Our Process

Helping you see the big picture.

You are a person with dreams, challenges, opportunities, obligations, and ideas. Our first job is to learn about all of these things. To learn about your entire financial picture. To learn about you.

1. We understand

We want to know what your financial objectives are today and for the long term. We want to understand what can help you reach your goals. We want to hear what you think might be holding you back.

2. We plan

Based on what we learn, we develop a financial plan and an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS is the blueprint that will drive investment decisions on your behalf.

3. We craft

We design a portfolio that aligns with your objectives.

4. We monitor

We follow your portfolio and check in with you regularly. We make changes to your portfolio as conditions dictate and as your life circumstances evolve.

QAM Tracking Pools

Providing access to world-leading managers.

Our QAM Tracking Pools™ are an innovative tool we have designed to give our clients access to world-class institutional managers not otherwise available to individual investors.

We conduct rigorous, ongoing reviews of management to select best-in-class institutional managers, making changes as required.

The pools are globally diverse, and reflect a range of asset classes.

Asset class managers or investment products

Asset ClassManager / Underlying
QAM Short Term IncomeFidelity Clearing Canada
QAM Canadian Fixed IncomeVanguard Investments Canada
QAM Enhanced Fixed IncomeCI Investments
QAM Dividend and IncomeBMO Global Asset Management, Romspen, preferred shares, mortgage investment corporations
QAM Canadian EquityFiera Capital Corporation
QAM U.S. Equity IIBeutel Goodman Asset Management
QAM International EquityMawer Investment Management
QAM Small Cap EquityHillsdale Investment Management
QAM Real EstateMFS Investment Management, Manulife, and Dynamic Global Infrastructure
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