Making a difference for clients.

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Kathy and Paul Mathieson

Sherwood Park AB

Quadrant is the whole package – investment, estate planning, philanthropy, tax. We like that they take the time to understand our complete financial picture, and we like that they are consistent in the type of advice they offer us. Michael Susser has been in our corner since 1993. We feel like we’ve always had his ear, and we feel that he’s always had our backs. We trust him and we’re grateful for our relationship with Quadrant.

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Barb Williams and Rick Chale

Winnipeg MB

Our relationship with Quadrant is all about trust. We know that they act in our best interests and we know they will never drop the ball. They offer sensible advice, they explain themselves well, and they truly understand the principles of conservative investment. They’ve helped us with estate planning and tax issues, and even advised us on a U.S. property purchase. We’ve been with Murray Palay a long time. We have faith in him and the whole Quadrant team.

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Merle and Steve Goldman

Toronto ON

How long have we been clients of Quadrant? Not long enough! They are great to deal with. They give us pragmatic, honest advice about insurance, estate planning, and our investments. We’re getting close to retirement so it’s essential that our house is in order. Thanks to Murray Palay and his colleagues, we feel very confident about our financial future.

Victoria Skyline

Donna and Harold Pownall

Victoria BC

We’ve been with Michael Susser since 1990. He’s always taken the time to understand who we are and what our goals are, and has offered the right advice to help us achieve them. We like that Quadrant takes the time to explain what is happening with our investments. They have made responsible decisions on our behalf, and we have never had any doubts about our financial future. Total confidence. We are happy, and we are grateful.

Rolling country-side hills

Lilly Funk-Tesarski and Wally Tesarski

La Broquerie, MB

“For us, it is important to have complete faith in the people who handle our money. And we do. Michael and Murray are fine gentlemen, they make time for us, and they give us very good advice. And we like that they explain our options clearly and in plain language. We’re retired, so it is important that our savings are managed effectively. We are moving more of our assets over to Quadrant because we trust them.

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